Saturday, April 18, 2009

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

Back when I was in grade primary (otherwise know as JK here in Ontario), the Vic 20 was launched. For all you crazy kids out there glued to my blog, the VIC-20 was the first inexpensive color computer available, costing less than $300. It could only display 22 characters of text per line, so its use for business applications was minimal, but people loved it for games - the thing I remember the most was the awesome fire-fighter-like joystick. Oh, and the fact that my brother dominated it and never let me play. Oh the drama. So at the time it launched, I was 5 years old and my brother would have been 10. What I would have deemed as his nerdy obessession and hobby back then became his passion throughout life and now he's very successful working for IBM. So parents, perhaps encourage your kids to play endless hours of mindless video games and one day they too can be a star!

So, I hate to bring back the point of this story to celebrity pop culture but I am, temporarily. I'm sitting here on a Saturday morning drinking my coffee, reading the news (online, of course) via my Twitter feed. And I am astounded by how far we've come in 29 years. Yes, 29 years is a long time, but think about go from our first home personal computers to creating our own news, brand and media online for the world to listen to what we have to say as individuals. To give you further, personal context, I received my first email in university in 1994 (who cares that it was my ex-boyfriend telling me he wished I was dead) and the first time I took a computer course was first year of university in 1992 (and when the prof asked us in the first class to turn on our computer, I didn't know how).

So what I'm about to show you is what I'm reading and watching and something you've already heard of by now as it just happened yesterday. Now please, if you will, ignore the celeb power and just listen to what they're saying.

This I am certain, the one thing that hasn't changed over the last 29 years is that William Shatner is still whoring himself out for just about any marketer.


  1. i'll blog about how to post a link in your blog. then i'll DM you on twitter and you can post on my facebook how awesome i am to show you that.

    if this works for you, email me. i'll get it on my blackberry.

  2. Hey Cheryl - loved this post. The vic 20 was awesome. I remember it was all the rich kids who had the Commodore 64. Those were the days when we used to have to download the games via Cassette - and wait 15 minutes. Crazy!

  3. I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.