Sunday, February 28, 2010

the 500-metre workout

I was once told that it's easy to love someone when they're at their best but the true test of love is when you love someone at their worst.

On a similar note, when you're in love - you LOVE love. When you're not in love - people in love are annoying.

Well, in love or not, this clip will undeniably make you smile and feel so incredibly warm all over. This was not only my favourite moment in the Olympics (yes, even the giant beavers and mounties came behind this), but it's one of my favourite moments of TV; of sport; in life.

Friday, February 26, 2010

when you're this big, they'll call you Mister.

I was thinking about sending a note to my friend’s dad tonight. Although she’s one of my close friends, I’ve met her later in life and as a result, never met her dad. The reason for sending the note? Well, that part doesn't really matter. What does matter is what went through my mind as I started to draft the note, I wondered: do I address him by his first name or do I call him Mister?

I was raised to be polite, courteous, appreciative and respectful. It's still ingrained in me today. But now that I too am an adult (and also a peer of my friends' parents), do I still address 'them' with a title versus their name? Weird. So, I tried to imagine that I was the recipient of such an email. If someone called me Ms., Miss., or hell, even Mrs. - I think I'd vomit. There's no doubt that it would make me feel ancient.

I'm not sure if it is because life zips by for all of us and none of us can truly face our actual age, but all of a sudden it seems like we time warp from the two hoods - child to adult. I'm personally convinced that I'm a child locked inside an adult body (ugh, and an adult face). Most days, it is definitely difficult to play the part of a full-blown adult. That's why I relish (yes, I said relish) in all the simple pleasures of being an adult. I waited 20 years of my life to reach this point, so goddammit I'm going to enjoy it.

I get excited about staying in hotels and breaking into the mini-bar without parental permission. I love standing in front of the fridge with the door open, for more than a minute if I like - simply because I can. I'll drink out of the carton of milk - yup, no cups. I love long road trips alone in the car with my dog because I can play the music loud and it's my playlist. I love having a drink "on the rocks". I adore booking a flight and going somewhere far because I can do it all by myself or with my lovely friends. In my mind, all of these things are the small rewards for being 'grown-up'. They bring giddy-fun to my life (and believe me this is just 20% of the complete list).

So, while I am happy being this big now, just keep in mind that if you're thinking about sending me a note, please address me by my first name.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Recess. Do you remember it? Honestly, do you remember anything else that made you feel so good as a kid? Fifteen minutes of freedom in the middle of the morning - to skip, run, swing, tobbaggan. A moment to break free and go crazy before being civil again.

My old boss (and friend) Paul, owner of Extreme Group told me that his interactive agency brought recess back to adult life. A few minutes of unbridled insanity. A break from clients, work, stress. I loved the idea - pure, fresh and fun. I miss recess.

So, when I tried to think of the last time I felt like it was recess in my adult-life was when I captured this moment in a mere photograph.

Summer. Outdoors. Sunshine. Def Leppard. Poison. A BFF. Beer. Smiles. Stupidness.

Let's all bring back recess. Get your petition started today.

Friday, February 19, 2010

defending the net of a nation

It's Olympic fever in Canada and I have to say it does feel completely different when they are hosted in your country. Although Vancouver is a 5 hour plan ride away from here, during this past week it just feels a heart beat away.

I've always loved hockey and as a Canadian, although a bit cliche, it is embedded in our veins. Especially coming from a small town - we play on streets, ponds, rinks and backyards. In my late teens and early twenties, I made the transition from a fan to "punk bunny". During those years, I never discriminated against what position a guy played, but I've always had a greater appreciation for the goalie. My dad was a goalie. My brother was a goalie. Simply put, goalie's are crazy. And who doesn't love a little crazy in their life? Last night in the game between Switzerland and Canada, Jonis Hiller and Marty Brodeur reminded me just how insane it is to be in that position. After an intense game and 5-minute overtime, Canadians sat down (or stood up) to watch 10 hockey players move aggressively from centre ice to fire a puck directly at Hiller, then Brodeur. It was one player, one goalie, one puck and entire nation watching...every move. All for one small moment in time that could change many things in the history books. All I could think of during the shoot-out was what is going through the mind of the goalies. How they must have tremendous focus to block out all the noise and pressure around them. All in the name of making their country proud. Just another reminder that one second in time can change everything. A bit dramatic in this case? Maybe. But I'm a Canadian Cliche after all.

(Canada 3, Switzerland 2).

Monday, February 15, 2010

bottle it + sell it = gagillionaire

We just spent the last week in Mexico.

My gawd reality can suck in comparison.

Mexico was like a magic eraser of time, hangovers and sleep deprivation. Those things are simply non-existent there. You couldn't sleep in past 8:30am, you couldn't get a hangover no matter how hard you tried, your skin felt oh so good and time stood still. I need to figure out why this shit can't happen here.

My favourite day above all was spent in Playa del Carmen. I think the "time lapse" photography says it all.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

stop, look and listen

In the last few weeks, some startling things have happened around me. Things that make you stop and ask the ever popular question, "why?". Three instances in particular that happened around me that occurred out of the blue and in one simple second. A sudden death, an unexpected heart attack and a sports injury that resulted in a wheel chair for life.

These things hit you hard. Your first reaction is to feel sad, even a little depressed. But, I'm not sure if it's selfish, but they also make you more appreciative. Appreciative of your short time here on earth, of your loved ones and for all the little tiny life moments (and seconds) that accumulate to one big incredible experience.

This past week, I saw a status on Facebook that said, " amazed at how quickly happy thoughts fade. Man it takes work to be happy, I mean really happy." That one comment didn't just make me sad for that person, it actually kind of pissed me off. I couldn't disagree more. What I do think takes a lot of work is being miserable. Being happy is the easiest thing any of us can be - simply look around at the beauty. Plain, simple beauty.

It's these big, heart-hitting moments that make me stop and make me thankful for life.