Monday, May 25, 2009

happiness is...

Every now and then I get inspired to create a piece of "art" that encompasses a themed collection of memories that brought me significant happiness during a period of my life.  Like the collage of running bibs, maps and pics mounted above my bed from all my races over the last 10 years.  But unfortunately there are times when these pieces of art live only as a thought and never come to life.  Like the shadow-box of odds and ends from my hike on the Inca Trail, which would include my walking stick that supported me for four long days.

Today's art: no theme.  just happiness.  various things, in many forms and not from one particular event. It came to me from looking at pictures from yesterday - Todd, Matt, Mya and Cara skipping outside the house. Skipping.  hhhhhmmmm.  I started thinking about all the super duper simple teeny weeny things that make me scream with happy.  So this is next on my 'creative-to-do list', but one thing is for sure - if it comes to life in video form the soundtrack will be "Bubble Toes" by Jack Johnson.  I dare you to listen to that song and a) not feel happy and b) not move like a jellyfish.

stay tuned on my high-priced artwork.

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  1. i'd very much like to see this jellyfish dance of yours :)