Wednesday, June 17, 2009

goodbye, demographic box "Age 25-34"

Today was the day I said goodbye to 34, forever. Please don't think for a second that I'm sad about leaving my early thirties, because I welcome "35" with open arms.  Oddly enough, my worst birthday to date was "25" - doesn't that say everything? Good lord.  Every year of my life, I'm more grateful and rewarded with the sweetest things - love, a great family and amazing friends.

Normally, I don't like to put myself into a box, I prefer to always live outside of it.  But today, I've realized I'm just jumping from one box to the next.  From this day forward, for every race form I fill out, or every survey I participate in - I'm officially into the next box.  

So, to you "34", I feel you deserve a credible, honorable 'thank you' for one of the best years of my life- 
  • A solo trip to Peru - hiking to Machu Pichhu, living with a family and working with street kids
  • NYC in the Fall with great friends for a weekend of debauchery
  • an xmas trip to Nova Scotia - spending quality time with mom and dad, and my many NS friends
  • Santiago, Chile for work and incredible experience
  • LA for my birthday and a KRAC Reunion which was 7 years in the making
  • NYC again for 35 and a visit with Ren...2 days and counting
  • the birth of Lola and getting to be there for her arrival into the world, a complete and amazing surprise 
  • along with the birth of Carly and Finn  - for two of my other best guy friends that I never thought would 'grow up'
  • the birth of sweet Olivia - for Kev and Ady
  • Nancy announcing that Jack will get to be a big brother
  • Sweet smiling Cate being born into the awesome Munroe Clan. 
  • Running, after I didn't think I could (and some days still don't) - only to race in a 5 and 10km again
  • Having the balls to chop all my hair off after wanting to for years!
  • Developing new friendships (at an age when you think you have enough friends) 
  • Opening my mind and heart to different kinds of love (every shape, size and form) 
  • Having Toni come to visit me for the first time ever since I've lived in TO (and Nance here too to celebrate our friendship)
  • Being asked to be the MC of Jennie and Dave's wedding in Mexico 2010.
  • seeing George and Jude fight through some scary health concerns and coming out the other side smiling. yay!
  • watching my best friend finally take on the career he's always dreamed of!
  • and for me, taking on a new path career-wise that continues to be pleasantly surprising.
  • seeing Mel, Chris and Todd turn "40" - only proving that it's something to look forward to.
ps - "35", bring. it. on.


  1. What a year! Love you so much. xo

  2. Cheryl, the decades get better. So far my fifties are the best so far, I became a grandmother for the first time, made a new bestest friend when you think such a thing is past happening and seeing my other best friend finally coming into her own in her fifties by taking the motorcycle course, passing it with flying colours and riding her Vulcan 650 with the guys her blond hair barely confined by her flame covered helmet.