Saturday, June 6, 2009

kids vs dogs

I often hear from my friends that there is nothing that beats the feeling of having your 'babies' come into your bedroom on a Sat morning, asking you if they can hop up in the bed and snuggle.  I know that it's a treat for them when they get to share the big bed.  I actually remember doing it with my own parents when I was small. 

Ever since Dawson was a pup, she's had the luxury of sleeping in the same bed with me, a bad habit I know.  But in the last year, as she gets older and her hair becomes more of a nuisance, I've been working on having her sleep on the floor.   She's been doing a great job, proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks.  In fact, we might have to run to Canadian Tire today to get her a new bed since the current one is pancake flat.

But this morning I made an exception, I had a dream about her last night where I left her tied outside to a pole, down the street and around the corner.  I remember in my dream I was finding a spot as if it was a parking space, because it was the only spot 'left' for her on the street.   It started snowing, big time.  It was the next day and I forgot about her being out there and when I remember it was mid-afternoon - I was with friends (and their kids) at the time and I dropped what I was doing and left immediately.  She was there waiting for me, and even after what I did she was so excited to see me...covered in snow and wagging her tail.  I'm pretty sure that would be her reaction in 'real life' too.

I'm not sure what this all means - if I've been feeling guilty about keeping her on the floor at night? Lord, I'd obviously be a wreck if I had kids - just thinking about how much I love this damn dog. So, after waking up this morning and looking over the side of the bed to see her lying there...I oozed motherly guilt and asked her to come up on the bed for a quick cuddle. Just like the kids, I know she too finds it a treat because she's still lying there.

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  1. you are a stronger person than i. case sleeps on my bed every nite...but i love it :)