Thursday, July 30, 2009


i believe in magic.

An amazing friend recently was referring to the magic that kids can bring back into your life as an adult. He specifically was using Christmas as an example and how you get to believe all over again when you experience Christmas through a child's eyes. Remember how good it felt to know that Santa was so fantastical that he could make it around the world in one night?

For me, there are two stages of magic in life: 1) sweet and naive beliefs that are out of this world, young, childlike magic. 2) then there is a "sweet spot" magic - where most of our day to day is ho-hum, until we stop, wake-up and actually see and recognize the magic in a very adult moment.

So what is magic for me now?
  • it's the feeling when someone truly gets and knows the crazy thoughts inside my head. Very few people have this key and when they open it - magic.
  • it's those moments when you're surrounded by your closest friends and you're laughing so hard your crying. I always stop to relish it that magic - the pure joy.
  • it's the recognition of pure gratefulness - for everything in my life.
  • and a look, shared with a complete stranger or someone you love across a crowded room
  • more than anything, magic for me is that sweet, sweet spot defined in the picture above. It says it all.
Personally, I'm glad magic didn't end after I realized that ole Saint Nic writes just like my mom.

Thanks to 'the other cheryl' for sparking this thought with imagery.

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