Wednesday, September 2, 2009

love is in the air

Good morning! Welcome to my monthly PMS post, where you never know what emotion you're going to get. And since you're friends, I'll warn you. Sappy. That's what you got right here, right now.

I just finished working out, checked email and started to surf (morning procrastination ritual). I came across this image and it made me stop, albeit momentarily.

It wasn't so much the photo, but it was more the moment itself. A tiny moment where (staged or not...and I'm really hoping it's not) these two are so in love that they stopped in a crowd to share a mutual energy. And my favourite part, his hand preparing to caress her neck or face.

'Outsider perspective' can be a very schizophrenic thing - when you're in the throws of PMS. Today, I look at these two and feel longing for a similar moment and I feel happy to have witnessed their love. Try showing me this picture next month and let's see what happens. Warning: Stay Back.

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  1. when i have these types of days, i go here:

    now, worse the worse sap? ;)