Friday, September 4, 2009


I had two different conversations today, with two different people but they both ended up in the same place. The energy and power of love and hate. I believe in human energy, it's impossible not to believe in it because when you (rarely) share it with someone it is electrifying.

My point was this: love is easy, free, remarkable and insane fun. When you're in it, it's a moment and it requires zero energy.  And hate...well, it is exhaustive, useless, pointless and depletes all good energy.  So, why do we work so hard to hate, when we all just want to be loved. 


  1. Lust is easy, love is a lot of work and uses up all your energy.I think people confuse the two. When you lust after someone or something, the actions of trying to attain what you lust after are what you are describing as love. That is why some relationships don't last. I try everyday to find something new to love about my husband, and what I love about him today might not even be what I loved about him last week. That is what keeps a relationship going, constantly finding something new in a person

  2. you are more amazing than I thought you were yesterday.xo