Sunday, November 1, 2009

my adorable furry friend

After a year of waiting, I went to see Where the Wild Things Are this past Friday night.  I had full intentions of going to a friends' housewarming party, but after a brutal week I just needed to shut-it-down, put on some cozies and head to dark movie theatre.  I was so excited.  With a warm tea in hand, I sat in the back row wrapped in my puffy winter coat and kicked off my sneaks.

After spending a 100 minutes watching the relationship between Max and Carol, I felt like there were so many tender moments that reminded me of the bond I have with my sweet pooch, Dawson.  Without giving away anything significant, when the two had to say goodbye to each other on a beautiful sunny shore I started to cry (and maybe even cried some more). Spike Jonze created something on screen that was an identical dream to the way I had always envisioned the moment when I have to let go and say goodbye to my furry friend. 

When I was telling another sweet friend this story today, he looked at me and said, "but C., think about living a life where every single day you're 100% happy".  And of course, that too made me cry. But only because of the raw honesty and truth to this sentiment.

So when the time comes, I'll remind myself of her smile and the way we definitely lived 100% - together.


  1. We saw the movie on Friday and I cried at the same spot. That scene was amazing. xoxo

  2. omg. i can't even think about that! i'm headed to the movie on friday. and will forget about wearing any mascara!