Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Talking 'bout my generation

I realized that I have a love/hate relationship with my generation. I don't even know what group I belong to - Gen X? Y? Z?  And I'm not sure what we'll be remembered for, although according to my girlfriend Kelly we might be classified as "The Assholian Era".  I tend to agree.

What I love about 'us' is that we have kids later, we marry later, we don't let age-rules change the way we dress or act, we care about being fit and we've redefined what it looks like to be 40.  We're all on facebook and when we're online we are engaged in conversation about how Rihanna and Jay-Z killed it on the the American Music Awards last week. We're youthful, we're fun and we're carefree.

But my detest for 'us' lies in the way we are way too instantaneous, we tend to avoid being educated on big life decisions. We pressure each other to keep up with the Joneses and don't know the consequences of our actions. I feel that we created our own mess with the state of this economy - we bought and bought until we couldn't buy no more.   We wanted bigger and better and I think we took it all for granted. My dad has often told me that my generation can't wait for things to come, we want it all done now - from new home renos,  flat screen TVs, to brand new caaaars!!!

I just pray that we all know how to learn from our mistakes. I hope that we can acknowledge when we're wrong and collectively be more self aware.  The Christmas decorations around the office, the holiday music on the radio and working in retail have made me think about what our consumption levels will look like this year versus all other Christmas' in my generation's history.  I hope we spend more time (with each other) and less money this season.  Sure, we need to re-boost the economy but let's do it by giving to others, not to ourselves.  I'm pretty sure we have enough.

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