Wednesday, April 22, 2009

face it with a grin

Had to capture this moment.   If you know me well (or even not-so-well actually), you know I'm not a morning person.  But recently I have been getting up (ok, trying to) in the six o'clock hour to work out.  I hit snooze a million times this morning, but still got up in time to work out and to catch this glimpse of the sun beaming through the entire apartment from the back of the house.  In the almost 2 years that I have lived here, I have never ever witnessed the sun exploding through the back door like this before.  This is a pretty damn good reason to get up early from now on.


  1. i'm more amazed that you get up at 6 to do your exercises. good for you! great shot too.

  2. I'm a total night person so my thrilling moment is when I see the full moon rising above the tree line on the hill (out side the den window). It never fails to make me stop in my tracks and marvel at this world of ours