Sunday, April 26, 2009

You've probably seen this image in a picture frame or on the front cover of a journal. I do love these words, but like most things when they become 'mass' and overexposed, they become generic. There is so much depth in these words in isolation or when people really do make the effort to live their life this way. Sadly, most of us just aspire to 'sing as though no on one can hear you'.

I'm proud to say, on Friday night I did more than just aspire. Picture it, just like a scene out of Lost in Translation, after two long days of shooting - a small group of us decided it was a good idea to book our own private Karaoke room on Bloor Street. Many of us (ahem..some more than others) had a few turns on the mic belting out U2, Phil Collins, Madonna, Rick Astley to name a few. It's not like I get to Karoke as often as I'd like, but with the right crowd you get to live in the moment and laugh so hard at yourself and others. The best part about when you have the 'stage' is that you know your voice blows, but you're so in the moment that you don't care - you sing with everything you gots and are free of your own personal insecurity or judgement. The freedom and fun is contagious because everyone is sitting around not really paying attention because they are too busy flipping through the book to find the next song they are going to sing.
This weekend, I am happy to say that I did sing as though no one heard me and danced as though no one was watching.

Thanks guys for such a fun night. xo


  1. fun! i've NEVER heard you sing. EVER.

    do you do iCHAT karaoke

  2. this I could only do if I found myself at the bottom of a bucket of Pina Colada slush. Congrats on your reaching out to embrace Freedom 35