Tuesday, April 7, 2009

four days to Machu Picchu

In June 2008, I went to Peru for my 34th birthday.  Aside from completing a marathon, it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  I kept a journal all 14 days I was there so I would never forget every single, incredible moment of my very spiritual trip.   Upon my return I made my first imovie (enclosed) which is a small fraction of what I really saw and experienced. 

Also a snippet from my journal from the Inca Trail...
"Overall you're so focused on every little baby step that you take...whether it's up or down.  Your head is down much of the time for two reasons: 1) don't trip and 2) it's easier to manage the hills mentally.   So for those reasons alone, every time I stopped or paused today I would look around and take-in the pachamama. The Inca's were incredibly grateful to the 'mother earth' and everything she gave them - food, animals, the sun, etc.   I too was so grateful today."


  1. What an incredible experience Cheryl.

    It reminds me of my time in France - just in the sense that I'm sure it's something you'll talk about so many times each year for the rest of your life that the memory of it all will be very strong forever.

    As always, I'm so proud of you. xo

  2. i love that you used the eddie track. reminds me of us all in van.

    heart this blog idea. totes awes.