Tuesday, April 7, 2009

going to the chapel

yay!  Today I received my invite to Jennie and Dave's wedding. But since the wedding is a year away, in Mexico, it was technically a "save the date" magnet to remind all of the their loved ones (and there are many) to keep Feb 2010 open.  well, done.

Jennie and Dave are both friends of mine and they are amazing people.  I know, you're thinking 'sure they are...", but really they are.  You couldn't find two people more perfectly matched, they are both so caring, kind, genuine and real. They are not only that way to each other but to everyone in their life.  It's almost their philosophy and mantra.  (which is why I take credit for setting them up)

As I found a special place on my fridge for this important event, I looked at the date and I thought about how much can happen in all of our lives between now and then.  More engagements, job changes, new babies, new homes, illness, and more dreams.  But I'm equally aware that 10 months goes by in a heart beat.  I looked at the magnet wishing & hoping that they enjoy every single second of the planning, prep, gifts, cards and pre-parties in Halifax.  I look forward to hearing about how they've fallen more in love over this time and perhaps even hear about some of the ridiculous things they will argue about (Jennie's over-planning). So many people get caught up in the wedding that they forget about the marriage and all the fun in the wee days that do and will make up their life together.  

Enjoy every second of the next 10 months.  Relish in the tiny moments along the way.

love, your MC (Hammer) xo

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