Sunday, April 26, 2009

my very own periodic table

Someone has been on my mind of late, someone that intrigued me, piques my interest and gets that chemistry alive in my belly.

Cannot. stop. thinking. about. that. person.

Ooooooohh how I love that feeling. For me it's so rare that these people cross my path but when they do it's like a hurricane of intense conversations creating a butterfly conservatory in my belly. Note: these people are generally dangerous and not good for me. So although my head tells me to stay far away, the 16-year old in me still follows them to the party. On the flip side, there are other great people I meet that are sweet, nice and caring but if I don't have that certain 'belly flippin' feeling inside' then I tend to tap out. I'm not sure why I'm still this way. Perhaps I'm a masochist at heart? In some ways, I'm oddly proud to say that looks have absolutely nothing to do with it. (I think my strong animal attraction to Mickey Rourke is testament to that). I do wonder if the type of man...and I do mean man in every sense of the word...that I'm attracted to are life-long keepers? Are they the type that settle-down? Or will my destiny be to have a blast with a few more of these guys that bring incredible, indescribable fun into my life and then like a moth to a flame...

If I think about what it is that I'm attracted to it's a combination of these images (hands, forearms, lips) feelings (freedom, trust, life, no-inhibitions) actions (confident, successful, a force in the room) and it can be a mix of some or all of these things wrapped up 'within a look, smile and touch'. But for me, more than anything, it's when someone is so completely comfortable in their skin. And I never, ever underestimate the importance and power of an intelligent and dry sense of humor. Uummmm, tasty wasty.

But hey, let's just admit it now, I'm in trouble.


  1. Cheryl, listen to your head and run away fast. We need to learn from the past not ignore it. That way we don't repeat mistakes. The belly flipping feeling while intoxicating, usually can't be sustained. I'll get off my soap box, don't mean to preach, just love you and I don't want to see you hurt.

  2. don't worry. just a crush, from a distance. but I love you for this post.xo

  3. I'm with Lynda... RUN...!!!

    Being much the same way and having lived years of heartbreaks... they always started with the butterfly conservatory in my belly... that fluttered into my heart... and then ripped it out, every time. As much as I'd love to see you in love... I'd hate to see you hurt again. Irene xxx