Thursday, May 7, 2009

it's not easy being green

As a woman, one would think that I would be able to detect the onset of PMS due to a simple calendar, or even by how many pills are left in my child-prevention kit. Nope, I never really consciously pay attention to it. I know when PMS has arrived on my doorstep because I welcome it with tears. Oh boy do I cry and sometimes for days. It can be something simple like finding out I don’t have any peanut butter left in the cupboard for toast or something even more serious, like realizing I didn’t walk Dawson two mornings in a row.

Well, not this month. Why hello there rage, where the hell did you come from? It started Tuesday and has built up to the point of me literally yelling on the phone, in my cubicle at work, to the ignorant, hill-billy that runs my parking spot at work (yes, even typing that felt good). It feels like everything this week is going wrong and is completely senseless (legal disclaimer: this blog entry might be swayed by dramatization). Don’t worry, I have enough self-awareness to know that, yes, in the grand scheme of things in life, most of the shit I’ve been dealing with this week is peanuts. And I agree, the thickness of my PMS goggles just might be distorting the colours coming through the lenses. I totally get that it’s temporary and will work itself out. But when you’re in the middle of it and pre-menstral hormones are oozing through your veins it’s plain ugly. I’m mad and feeling mean.

Thankfully, I feel that the rage may have just climaxed moments ago to an all time high, which oddly enough I’ve resolved by breaking down in tears.

OK, now I’m done. Moving on to next month…


  1. i love your blogs. i really mean that. i dont REALLY need to know that the circus is in town...but i knew that anyway.

    keep em comin.

    just month, KRAC.


  2. Just bawled, for the same reasons, over something I just read in the classified section of my community paper. Right next to Paulette's tailoring service ad is this:

    In memory of my dear and beautiful wife who left us on the 25th of April 2008 for a better place where there will be no more pain or suffering or darkness. A whole year has gone by without you. I love you, I miss you, I want you and I need you. Those were the words I would say to you whenever you opened your eyes. I miss your smile, your kind words of wisdom and your big brown eyes every time you could open them. It's been the hardest year of my life without you. But if things turn out for you and you get where there will be no more pain or suffering, then my crying for you everyday will not be in vain. I hope it works out for you. We all miss you and love you very much. I hope to meet you again sometime. Winfield Harnish & family.

  3. The only positive thing about PMS is that it provides your male children with on job training as future mates. Nature's way of continuing the species I think. Can you imagine any male coming anywhere near you if they hadn't experienced PMS at home. My two sons are well and truly able to spot the signs and know as you say "this too shall pass"

  4. omg. i love you. and your tears. and your rage.
    so very awes.