Friday, May 8, 2009

somewhere over the rainbow

Further to yesterday’s blog post, I just have to say that there is nothing that will give a clean slate to a nasty bout of PMS like two amazing gay men. My beloved friends, Todd & Matt, invited me out to dinner and drinks with them last night when I got home from work. The goal was to cheer Matt up, so you think we would spend the bulk of the evening telling him how awesome he is and saying shit like, "turn that frown upside down". Nope, we didn't change our behaviour one bit in order to lift his mood. The usual gig ensued... Todd and I mocking each other relentlessly, while Matt sits there and has to put up with our diva-like insecurities and paranoia. After 3 hours of laughing, talking, eating, drinking and crying all I can say is that I sure as hell felt better than I did earlier in the day. Not really the goal of the evening, I know. Buuutttt we did solidify plans to see Kylie Minogue in Chicago in October. So given that Kylie is Matt's idol, I'm hoping something good came out of the evening for him.

Today, well...Todd and I were back to our old selves via text. And after our snatchy little banter it ended like this:

Todd: God, I cunt wait for your period to be over.
Cheryl: Um, it hasn’t even started. This is just PMS baby!
Todd: Well…however all that works down there.

Matt, I hope we cheered you up in some way. You should, at the very least, feel good knowing you’re better than the two of us…in every way.

Love you both.

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  1. Aw, we did have a great time didn 't we. There's nothing like some good friends and alcohol to make everything better, at least till you wake up at 4am with a headache :).