Monday, June 1, 2009

40% chance of sunshine

This afternoon I had a very enlightening conversation with a very old friend of mine and for the sake of anonymity, let's call him "Fudge".   Fudge and I go way back to the summer of 1988 when we used to drink Spumante behind the Cromerty tennis courts in Sydney, smoke menthol ciggies and admire each others yellowy-orange bleached hair, compliments of "Sun-In". 

Where Fudge and I grew up, friendship isn't taken lightly.  Capers are known to have each others backs at the drop of a (trucker) hat and would defend you in a bar fight in two seconds flat, even if you were the one that started it.   Capers will always show up to the party with booze in hand, never mind that this booze is theirs to drink, in fact, I'm pretty sure we coined the term BYOB.  This is probably the reason to why I never heard of an 'open bar' until I became an adult and moved to the main land.  Anyway, I digress.... Point is, regardless of how much time passes and what happens in our fast-paced adult lives - it's always great catchin up with my true, honest and refreshing Caper: Fudge.  His humour hasn't changed a lick and his ability to be a 'no-show' is like no other.  But I love him. We all love him. And today, I missed him.

Unfortunately this afternoon, I discovered Fudge's dad passed away via Facebook.  I witnessed the condolences being passed along on my 'news feed' to Fudge's Wall from another old high school friend.    I decided to take the old school approach, I grabbed my phone and called him. It was important for me to reach out, talk to him and send a huge virtual hug across 2.5 provinces .   Although I knew the time wasn't ideal for him to chat, good ole Fudge stayed on the phone to chat regardless of the chaos I could hear around him.  We spent half of our time talking about his dad, but the other half talking about life stuff and how sometimes being an adult really sucks.   We talked about how easy it is to run from our problems but so damn hard to stay close and work through them.  We talked about the battle of positivity and how difficult it can be to remain hopeful when our world often tries to push bad news on us.

Now, I'm not sure if Fudge holds the copyrights to this quote, but tonight he rendered me silent in a moment when he said, "even when you listen to the weather forecast, you always hear there is going to be 60% chance of rain, but you never hear that there will be 40% chance of sunshine."

Friend, the sun is shining on your dad this week - high above the hills in Cape Breton.  And if it's only 40% , it's better than no sunshine at all.


  1. littlest freemanJune 1, 2009 at 9:17 PM

    after losing a friend this week, this post leaves a lump in my throat...thanks munrosey

  2. Cheryl always great to catch up with you. Now I've been known to coin a few knee slappers and other witty sayings, however the one I used yesterday I borrowed from a work mentor; his name is Glen Damon and he is an advicate of "living level ten" all the time. Oh and as for the sun shining I will use one of my quotes "it's Phil Collins here today" that is No Jacket Required.

  3. what a great quote. i'm such a big fan of sunshine :) and it's so true, we're programmed to be more on the negative. why is it about the rain??

    f-to-the-y-to-the-i, i love that you picked up the phone to call. it seems (esp when bad things happen), most people cop out and send e-love. while still sweet, a tad impersonal.