Wednesday, June 10, 2009

wonder woman

Growing up, Wonder Woman was my idol.  Her big beautiful hips, her not-so-typical brown hair and the fact that she could shoot lightening from her wrists - so kickass.  I was a hardcore fan.  My best friend Alison and I used to having matching Wonder Woman bathing suits when we were four years-old, not to mention underroos too.  Back in 1979, my 16-yr old neighbour, Karen used to tell us that during 'magical hide and seek' (where we'd spin around with our eyes closed until Karen disappeared) she'd end up on another planet where she guessed it, Wonder Woman.  Alison and I were in awe. Little did we know, Karen was probably watching Welcome Back Kotter in her basement just trying to escape the annoying neighbourhood kiddies. 

Wonder Woman currently lives in my living room now in a big black frame; she has also lived above my bed for some time until she intimated a few guests.  Regardless, she's not going away and she's still keepin' on.

As I get older, I see that Wonder Woman lives on in many different ways, through many other incredible women. Judy Hennessey is one of my Wonder Women and one of my many special mammas.   I won't sing her praises here, because unlike her son, she's modest (who loves ya, Leo!).   All you need to know is that this woman had already seen enough shit in the last few years, without cancer having to come knock on her door for one last 'hoooo-raahh'. With her lightening bolts beaming from her wrists, her fading brown hair and beautiful hips - she's kicked cancers ass just like every other piece-of-shit 'disease' that tried to run her down.  

You remain beautiful with that stunning smile, Jude.  You won.

Love you.xo

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