Sunday, June 14, 2009

moderate wow factor

In my line of work, when we're about to launch a new "innovative" product, we test the concept with consumers first to ensure there is a strong demand and a perceived need for it. 

This week I noticed that there is a section of the testing dedicated to getting a read on the "wow factor", this is otherwise know as "the innovation" and what makes it really unique.  This particular product that I was reviewing had it's highest score in the "Moderate Wow Factor" category. Pardon? Did you say, "Moderate Wow Factor" - really? What the hell does that mean when you pair moderate with "wow" anyway?  Isn't that more like the "meh" factor?  

In my humble opinion, the visceral feeling you get the second you experience anything with a wow'd reaction should never be the pulled back by moderation.   You get the wow from it's pureness, it's coolness, it's appeal and perhaps even it's breath-taking presence.  You shouldn't have to try and minimize that feeling.  You either feel the wow or you don't, plain and simple. Nothing is better than the full-force of a wow-zah!  Celebrate it and get excited about it.  The minute you feel a moderate level of excitement -  then becomes "less so" and the energy is lost. 

My vote: we don't buy it, we don't market it, we don't sell it.  Let's not try to kid ourselves if we think anything will fly off the shelves with a "moderate wow factor".


  1. love it. ya got me thinking.

    to bad you didn't live in Halifax. we could drink rum and wax poetic in the kitchen.


  2. wow.
    i like this post.
    and not just a moderate wow.
    like a wow-wow.

    and amen. stop selling crap :)