Monday, June 15, 2009

you spin me right 'round, baby

There are two big handfuls of blogs that I follow, half of which are my dear friends (the other half are just super cool). Today I noticed a new entry that my friend Marty posted which fascinated me because it was one of my favourite topics of interest: the universe. (in case you're wondering my other two favs are religion and history). For me, what these three topics all have in common is that once I'm in a discussion I could talk and talk and talk forever. And I crave hearing other people's opinions and can listen for days. I don't think there is any one topic I would ever claim to master in life, and with these three I know so very little of each, because their depth is infinite. I just want to know more or discuss what might be possible.

Marty posted a similar video to this one - which reminds us just how teeny tiny our wee planet is within the entire universe.

When I watch this it makes me feel like any bad day I experience is completely laughable. It makes me believe nothing can't be overcome. On the flip side, I can't help but wonder in the 'year 2009' where social media is all about 'building a community' and belonging with others - why can't we all just get along in this tiny place. After all, it's our collective home. So why so much hate? Year over year we continue to live through senseless battles and I still don't know what "we" are fighting - what comes after world domination in this landscape?
And aside from what's happening in the world today, history is completely top of mind for me these last few weeks as I just finished reading "Inside the Third Reich" and "The Unbearable Lightness of Being". Both are completely different novels but both are told in a setting where the backdrop is war. And within one story there is simple love to give and receive between two people, but it's smothered by toxic hate, distrust, blood, death and ignorance.

It's next to impossible not to wonder what role "God", "Allah", "Buddha" and religion play in our life. And although these 'beings' are supposed to give us hope and faith, in the end are they just responsible for it all? And do they only reside over our one wee planet - because how could they possibly have the time to manage the universe?! (sounds a bit like Santa Clause to me -hey, fool me once...)

As we rotate the sun each year - I'm starting to feel dizzy and worry that the walls are closing in on us. But when I look back at history, this is nothing new here in our setting, in our story today. The problem is we're re-enacting the same play. The more intelligent we become, the less intelligent we are.


  1. Hey Cheryl - another great post and I love that video that you posted (tks for the mention too:). When I watch stuff like this, it almost seems illogical that there isn't some kind of life...somewhere out there.

    By the way, I'm really enjoying your writing. Great stuff. Always from the heart, and thought provoking.


  2. What are "we" fighting for???? The desire and the want to be right and to be heard. Everyone wants a voice and they want to use that voice to be heard and to convince others that they are right. To bad "everyone" didn't take some time to stop to the end most of us are saying the same thing. Just like people, messages can come in all different packages we just have to be willing to open them and look inside.

    Great blog!!