Sunday, July 26, 2009

blame it on the rain

Since the 'summer' began here in Toronto, I've been surrounded by elevator conversations and small talk about the rain.  It's at a point now where I'm more sick of people talking about it than I am about the god damn rain itself.  And while everyone is chirping, all I'm thinking is, so let me get this straight, you'd rather 27 degrees of smoggy heat with maggots growing at a rapid pace on the heaps of garbage piling up on every street corner?   If you ask me this is a great summer in TO - cool, breezy and luke warm.

Yesterday, I discovered I wasn't the only one with a positive outlook on the weather.  My niece Samantha and I had to leave the Blue Jays game early (thank gawd, as they lost to a miserable comeback by Tampa Bay) to get my car...basically because time was running out on the meter. When we got to the doorway, we stopped in awe of just how hard it was raining.  We looked at each other and smiled.  With the car parked about a 15 minutes away, we knew this was going to be an adventure.  In the absence of having an umbrella, Sam pulled up her hood and I put on my jacket and we embraced what was about to happen.   Just steps away from the Rogers Centre and we were already soaked to the bone.   We ran past a wedding party, we slowed down to watch an incredible guy play the spoons and we saw three young guys that decided to take their shirts of and relish in the freedom of fun.  The puddles were higher than our ankles - we jumped in them, kicking water and laughing so hard we were crying.  I'm not sure the walk back would have been half the fun if it was a 'typical' Toronto summer. 

As for everyone else out there not having as much fun, guess they gotta blame it on something.

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  1. hahaha i was just telling someone that i got SO wet the other day that i was actually laughing to myself. the rain is totes fun...if you don't have somewhere you have to be. and perhaps the weather was just cooperating with the garabge strike, i see a lot of sunshine in the forecast now that the tentative deal has been reached.

    (sidebar: heart the milli vanilli. my little heart was crushed when they were exposed. who could resist those braids and shoulder pads. mmm.)