Saturday, July 4, 2009

fasten your seatbelts

I thought I'd keep this blog a bit 'light' compared to the last few entries.  And what can be more light than a stroll down a memory land of big hair, tight jeans and a crapload of hairspray.

Tonight I'm about to step back in time to 1988, and perhaps even venture all the way up to 1991. These were my junior high and high school years and although my love for music was comprised of a wide range of individuals, I was heavily influenced by glam rock.  I'm pretty sure much of that was a result of my brother's life long dream to be Eddie Van Halen.  Therefore, my first big-haired crush was David Lee Roth.  

My brother's room was in the basement of our house and he spent hours and days down there listening (on record, of course) to everything from Bon Jovi to Black Sabbath.  But one of our mutual favs....Def Leppard.  And let's face it, everyone loved Poison...well at least everyone has an affinity to "Every Rose has it's Thorn".

Tonight, I get to re-live the experience at the Molson Ampitheatre here in Toronto.  It's a cougars dream - a triple bill of super cheese and amazing rock - Cheap Trick, Poison and Def Leppard.  I'm not sure what will be more entertaining - the music or the fans.

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  1. unreal. Your brother must be a real dirtbag.