Monday, July 6, 2009

don't throw your junk in my backyard

dear Toronto, 

It's summer time.  I know you can appreciate how much my love grows for you during these limited 90 days. I basque in the glory of your warmth and sunshine.  You know I love you all year round, but c'mon, we've just had some dark snowy months together. Remember?  Blech. So I ask you, what did I do to deserve this?   It's Day 16 and your desire to not shower is literally making your skin crawl with maggots and I witnessed a rat running out from one of your manholes on an early morning run.  I can't help but think, why now? Do you have to be difficult during our hottest months together?

To be honest, when I first met you and decided to give this relationship 'a go' I was a little leery. Initially you weren't that welcoming or friendly.  Your mood was often grey and dreary.  But I soon realized we were both in this together. And I too had to try harder.  I knew it was in my best interest to give you my genuine true effort if this was going to work between us.  Once I opened my eyes and changed my attitude, I saw all the things you had to offer - good food, biking and hiking trails, a plethora of parks, Lake Ontario, the waterfront, many special unique neighbourhoods, a colourful mix of cultures and, best of all, you were the conduit to bringing many more good things and people into my life.  So, I know this is a small hiccup that we're going through - this need you have to be strong (or maybe even stubborn) to hold steadfast to certain beliefs - but please don't punish me for an issue that you have with other people.

I want the Toronto back that I fell in love with...sorry to be so cruel right now, but it must be said, you stink.

Forever yours, 

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  1. hahaha love this.
    and you know what's funny? i don't feel the strike at.all. someone keeps emptying and hauling away all the garbage from all the parks and everywhere around me! amaze. dear residents of my neighbourhood: you rock. xo the other cheryl