Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Rum, Two Rum, Three Rum...done!

The countdown to Cape Breton is ON!  

You can't quite possibly know what this means to me unless you grew up on the Island. Summer in the Cape is simply sublime. On Aug 1, I head home straight to good ole Sydney, NS with my niece (Sam) and nephew (Rod) in tow.  Tonight when I was talking to Sam on the phone, we were both giddy with excitement. I said, "What are you most looking forward to doing when we get there?".  Ten days shy of her thirteenth birthday, she responded, "Chillaxin'. God Bless her foresight to know this is exactly what her Aunt Cheryl wanted her to say.

Some time back in May, I was craving a taste of a Cape Breton summer, so I called up my brother and we booked a trip for me and the kids to head down to see mom and dad.  My bro and I are doing a family swap of sorts - they get my dog, I get the kids.  Normally, that might be a raw deal (I mean that in the best possible way) but this trip, at their current age, is the best swap I could ask for. 

So, what will this trip entail, you ask?  Well night #1 you can pretty much guar-un-teeeeeee that Donno (my dad) and I will sit at the kitchen table analyzing life over a few (read: many) rumbos.  The rest of the week will include the Cabot Trail: Ingonish Beach, Baddeck, Loch Lomond, and (of course) chillaxin' by the pool.  And if Capers are known for one thing it's their hospitality and having a good time.  I'll be catching up with old friends and spending much needed annual quality time with the extended Munho clan. 

The best part for me this time will be sharing it through the eyes of a 10 and 13 year old that have grown up in Ontario for most of their lives. I plan to soak up this quality time before Nova Scotia becomes a bore to them in their high school years.  I have to say some of the best pictures of them were taken there - jumping off wharves, learning to dive in the pool, riding on their Aunts/Uncles four-wheelers and eating marshmallows at the campfires.   I'm going to ensure we all do this again in the 5 short days we have together and live in every single tiny moment of laughter.

For those of you that have never been, let me be your ambassador for a moment.  Enjoy:

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  1. Can't wait till you and the kiddies arrive. Rich and I will be out of town on that Thursday and Friday Aug 6 and 7th I believe. We are exploring the northern end of our island Meatcove to be exact. Can't say that that was on my bucket list but I'm game. Hopefully you'll come to the cottage the first to middle of the week. See you soon. Love ya and have a safe trip home