Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Leave it to an amazing run to put me in an incredible mood.  I got home from an 8km run about an hour ago and I'm still high from it.  That reason alone is why I've missed running so much, not so much for the fitness aspect, but what it does to my headspace and attitude.  I've been working through an injury for 2.5 years now and today's run felt amazing - I feel hopeful and strong.  And generally, just pretty damn happy about having such a great weekend.  On Friday night I reconnected with an old friend, one that I haven't seen in 3 years - we spent the night laughing, reflecting and catching up.   Last night was spent in Oakville at my friends Kevin and Adrienne - having vino, a great meal, good convo. Daws and I slept over  - their new home is inviting, but not because of the walls but because of who's inside.   Adrienne once said to me that even though my family is in NS and Ottawa, I also have my family here in Toronto.  So many incredible friends that always invite me in, feed me and spoil me with love.  All around just feeling happy and lucky today. 

It's a humble feeling when you look at your life and know that you want for nothing and have everything.

And if I could make a mini-movie or a commercial to describe this feeling, it would look like this:

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