Monday, September 14, 2009

my neverland

Thanks to a recent episode of Little Britain, where Marjorie of Fat Fighters referenced "Pigs in Space", I almost forgot about a significant portion of my childhood happiness.

Aside from Hockey Night in Canada and Larry King Live, two other shows that dad and I would watch together were "The Wonderful World of Disney" on Sunday nights on CBC and "The Muppet Show".  The thought of both of these shows literally warms my heart with wholesome family goodness. To dig a little deeper into the Muppet Show itself, I was a HUGE fan of Animal, Statler and Waldorf, Beeker and Pigs in Space.  But more specifically there was one key Muppet Show episode that will forever go down in history in the Munroe household - when Shields and Yarnell were the guest hosts.  Dad and I absolutely LOVED this one segment where Shields and Yarnell are a Robot couple living together.  This breakfast scene is priceless, brilliant and somewhat creepy.  But it's the moment when Yarnell loses some of her functionality and ends up face first in her cereal.   This three minute segment was hours, in fact ...years, of entertainment for dad and I.  We killed this joke - not only with our own food (never fully hitting the plate), but even better - when we would silently mock others acting out our own private robot scene.  Tired babies and drunken friends and relatives were our highlight and muse.

This little find is for you, dad.  

As for you dear internet, I never underestimate your amazingness...this might be my favourite discovery yet.

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  1. Wonderful World of Disney was "Dad time" in my Munroe household, too :) I hate to admit it, but so was Dukes of Hazzard haha!
    - Alyson