Sunday, October 18, 2009

dance, dance revolution

I think as a general population there are very few things we collectively have in common, but I'm pretty sure we all wish would could sing and dance. Personally, if I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to choose one - hands down: dancing.  And from there if I had to choose between being part of a bigger dance group versus dancing solo, I'd go for the group.  

My first initiation for a choreographed dance was when I took line dancing lessons with my mom in the early nineties. Damn, we worked it - sliding our sweet ole cowboy boots across the hardwood floor to a crowd favourite, Achy Breaky Heart.  Now, I don't care what you say but I already sense your judgement (can you smell my judgement project coming?), but I can almost guarantee that if you tried it, you'd have a ball.  And that, my friends, is the magic of dance. Once you remove the fear of being judged you feel free, in the moment and an intense happiness.

I've had some old fashioned good times this past summer. I've rocked out to Eye of the Tiger with my band Munrovia, sang my heart out twice at Karaokelifted a third of my bodyweight firing a bowling ball down a cosmic wooden lane and tried to nail "We got the Beat" about seven times on an electric Twister pad with Marse this summer.  But alas, simply put - I miss dancing. And I can tell you I'm a little rusty because my seven-year-old 'faux niece' was teaching me Hip Hop dance moves last weekend and I almost threw my back out.  

In summary, I think I smell a new 'welcome to awes' event.

And while I fully want to bust it out in a group dance, I completely respect and appreciate dudes like this guy....god bless 'em.


  1. It must be in the genes. I love to dance. In my mind I am the greatest freestylest there ever was. With my knees getting wonky, I have been forced to hone my skills at chair dancing. I must be making an impact because Cate the mimic is now chair dancing when Glee comes on. So every one get up and get your grove on whether it be on a dance floor, living room floor or a vacant chair seat

  2. looks like a whitey version of the dudes from Club Uracas in Chile. Gross. That ain't dancing - thats muscle spasm in need of serious meds. Hook up the hip hop beats C2. Some joint is just waiting for us to do it AWES style.