Saturday, October 17, 2009

the seasons, they are a changing

I've definitely had writers block for the last 11 days.  I found myself struggling to think of any new and relevant content, while staying true to my theme.  The hard part is keeping you interested and coming back for more.  No easy task when this blog is about me, my life and cherishing wee moments.  So when I was running the other day, I thought about a project that I'm going to kick off right here on my blog in 2010 and I'll need your input.  So stayed tuned for "The Judgement Project".

As an aside, I'm sitting here this morning editing summer photos from my trip 'home' to Cape Breton. Although it was only 8 weeks ago, it honestly feels like last year.  The number one reason being that in these summery shots we're in swimsuits and shorts and today I wore my winter coat.  The seasons are a changin' that for sure, but mostly in the number of seasons we have here in Toronto. We are now narrowed down to only two: 10.5 months of "freeze your ass off" and 1.5 months of "toasty and luke warm".

this is a small taste of the many spectacular moments that we experienced this summer.  This is my dad and my 13-yr old niece.  I love this private moment of solitude and the subtly of their arms resting together.

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  1. I have definately missed your muiseing over the last week and a half. I checked every day to see what new thought had come to you. I look forward to your blogs and I can't wait for "the Judgement Project". Keep writing and expressing yourself. Those of us that comment enjoy them. My friend Bonnie is now following you as is her daughter. Keep up the good work. Love ya and love the summer pictures. I too am missing the warm balmy days of summer.