Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dawson's Annual Holiday Greeting Card

It's that time of year again when I make my beloved pooch participate in ridiculous scenarios all in the spirit of winning "best Holiday greeting card" among all those that hit the fridge of my friends and family.  Stiff competition, but we always win. Always. (c'mon, look at that face)

This year, I thought that given that I'm learning more about the digital landscape that I'd make it digital and interactive.  But instead, I'm going to hold steadfast to my own brand, which means old skool Christmas cards - you know, the kind you get in the ole fashioned mailbox.  I love writing letters, thank you cards and yes, Christmas cards.

That said, I want to make a donation to a really good cause this year.  Dogtown and the SPCA came to mind.  But then I thought...I want my hard-earned money to go directly to an animal. So that means Dawson and I need your help. If you know of a family pet (especially a dog) that's in need of good medical care and without insurance, then I'd like to donate and help that one animal get the care they need.  So, know anyone?  If so, post a comment here or email me at

Peace. On Earth.

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  1. Hey Munroe...our HR director is collecting blankets and towels for You might want to check it out...if you dont find a dog that can directly benefit from your curiousity, this looks like an exceptionally good cause....totally, Mike