Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'll be home with bells on

My favourite Christmas memories always have the Kenny and Dolly album playing in the background. Whether it was drinking a rum and eggnog with dad while he was putting another log on the fire. Or wrapping presents while mom was continuously cooking in the kitchen. No matter what, Kenny and Dolly were there.

But tonight, at a low-key 'family' dinner, the music playing in the background was Charlie Brown's Christmas. A must for all this season and one that I'm most certainly adding to my collection.

You should too. Seriously - how can this not get you in the spirit of happiness?

1 comment:

  1. Black Rum, Farmers Eggnog and the Barra's are my three wise things to get me into the mood to decorate the old fur tree (or pine if I am in the mood to be frustrated by a tree unwilling to be adorned) Christmas is by far my most happiest time of the year, in spite of bone chilling weather and rain to ice things up. My spirits cannot be dampened no matter how much bad weather Mother Nature sends our way.