Tuesday, December 22, 2009

in a land far, far away

OK, if you're on Facebook, Twitter or if you have a TV, you know everyone is talking about the movie Avatar. I won't go on and on about how incredible it is, even though it's true - it really is. And aside from the mind-blowing special effects, I personally loved the story line and connection I felt to the planet Pandora. It brought me back to my time spent in Peru. It reminded me of the land and the intense colours. It also reminded me of the people that lived there - they have nothing by way of material goods, but what they do have is richer - their great love and appreciation of the land and mother earth.

Oh, yes - the irony in producing a multi-million dollar, technically advanced movie - all to tell us a tale that we should love more beautifully, appreciate with more intensity and to get back to what's really important. The last time I saw something that personally impactful about people and their land was this....

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