Sunday, December 20, 2009

fa la la la la la la la la

It's Sunday. 10pm. After a day of shopping, wrapping presents, cooking, transferring old files to my new computer and working out - I just ended the day with an awesome night walk with Daws.

There isn't a drop of snow on the ground here in Toronto. And after a long snowy winter last year, I'm loving the procrastination of a winter snow delivery this year. It's crisp outside, but not cold. I was bundled up in my long puffy white coat, while Daws walked along side of me proudly holding her leash in her mouth. I love this time of year - when you can walk through your neighbourhood and peer into all the homes that are so beautifully decorated inside and out. I love the warmth that comes from inside a home at Christmas time - when you can see the trees decorated, candles lit and people hanging around in the kitchen. In re-reading that last comment, it would appear that I'm watching this from behind a hidden bush in the front yard. But, on the contrary - all the curtains are pulled back and you can feel the warmth from within pouring out on to the street for others to enjoy. And, to reflect.

As you know, most of my musings around 'time' are typically centred around war, historic events (big and small), technology and religion. And while the existence of God or 'a God' is a big mystery to me I started to think about 'him' tonight and that he really is (wait for it...)... the reason for the season. I wondered if he had some way of knowing life would rapidly change around us - therefore, he would ensure that Christmas would be the one constant, powerful event that makes us appreciative, more humble, giving, more loving, more empathic and all around grateful. Although it is the birth day of Christ, was it also a mastermind event to help make us stop? Stop and reflect. Especially when all other 350+days of the year we act like crazy, selfish and often destructive bastards.

Yes, it's true - this all this went through my mind simply walking my dog tonight.

If appreciation and reflection was his reason for creating Christmas, I'd say he did a damn good job. And if that wasn't his intention, then the answer is definitely PMS. Because I was also in Hallmark today crying in the aisle reading Christmas cards for mom and dad.

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