Thursday, January 7, 2010

oops, we did it again

thanks to the new holiday uni-bomber, we've gone from hiding our tweezers and facial cream to now going to full body x-rays. Boy, is everyone up in cahoots over this or what? The amusing part to me is people are worried about violation of their personal security? Pah-lease, that's the least of our worries - do you people know about the world wide web? Your personal security has already been bent over and taken for a ride.

If you ask me, what's really devastating is the news that airport security is going to be "trained" to look for "odd, suspicious or unusual behaviour". Are you kidding me? In the run of the day I probably run into more than handful of people than exhibit this behaviour. And I'd like to think they don't have a plan to take us or the entire United States of America down in a single swoop (sweet jesus, at least I hope they don't).

Without a doubt, this is going to go from ugly to down-right nasty. These security agents, in my opinion, are everyday folk with training. Hells, we all get training in our respective careers (if we're lucky). But let's face it, learning a new admin process or software program is a helluva lot different than determining whether a person is considered likely to commit a particular type of crime or an illegal act based on "predictable" manner.

So what I'm having a difficult time dealing with is distinguishing the difference between judging someone and profiling them?

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  1. I am so glad I am done with my travels. Anywhere I want to go I will go by car. The last trip on my bucket list is the cross Canada trip w/a train ride through the Rockies thrown in for good measure. I am through with the airport crap and I never have anything to hide