Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bells will ring; the sun will shine

It was 9 months ago that I wrote this little blog entry. Like I said back then, a shit load of stuff can, would and did happen. Now it's just T-minus 4 weeks and counting until Jennie and Dave's Wedding in MEXICO!!!

I've actually never been to a beach wedding before. Odd, considering that a) I almost took the plunge myself many, many moons ago down in this exact location and b) the destination wedding has, let's face it, become quite the popular gig. So, with one solid month to go...the idea of being in the sun in the sand with 50-60 friends and loved ones celebrating J&D makes me want to lose my mind with happiness. Not to mention, my BFF is the wedding photographer, so I get to booze it up with him and his amazing wife for a whole week in the sun and sand.

Jennie and Dave, like I said to you almost a year ago...don't wish these 4 weeks away, have fun and enjoy the build-up. It's the second best part, after the big event of course. So have many giddy moments until I see your ass in Mexico on Feb 6! xo


  1. very, very, very jealous. i don't even know them, but i want to come hang with you and liam lol

  2. You will have such a good time. We were in Cuba with our friends Darren and Colleen when they got married on the beach. It was such a great time. If I was ever to renew my vows or get married again, having the ceremony on a beach would be my idle location.