Friday, January 29, 2010

sit. stay.

I've always felt that commitment is not for the faint of heart.

On my morning walk with Daws (my dog, in case you haven't been following), I stopped into my local coffee shop. In doing so, I had to tie up the old girl to the fence outside. Now, depending on her mood, she sometimes waits patiently - other times not so much. When I came out she was waiting and watching me. I was holding my steamy, giant coffee in one hand, so I had to untie her leash with my lone right hand. I looked at her and told her to stay put while she was free of her leash. She sat there looking pretty all the while working on her jedi-mind trick - staring over her left shoulder at the crusty, dry pizza crust left on the curb. I realized in that moment that the younger-version of Dawson would have never, ever stayed still for me, waiting so well behaved. Especially while being taunted by her favourite thing in the whole wide world: food.

Some people think it's a bit morbid that I spend more time lately thinking about the limited time we have left together. She's definitely on the downward slope in life (but she still can keep up on a run like she is a pup). But, in that cold, crisp moment this morning it was then that I realized what Dawson has taught me about commitment.

Patience and mutual respect.

Because the two of us have shared these feeling with and between each other for twelve long years, I can honestly say she's a better dog now than she ever was before. I mean this dog was nothing short of insane and disobedient for 50% of her life. But in many moments lately, like the time together this morning, I realized it took a dog to prove to me that it ain't such a bad thing to sit and stay.

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