Friday, February 19, 2010

defending the net of a nation

It's Olympic fever in Canada and I have to say it does feel completely different when they are hosted in your country. Although Vancouver is a 5 hour plan ride away from here, during this past week it just feels a heart beat away.

I've always loved hockey and as a Canadian, although a bit cliche, it is embedded in our veins. Especially coming from a small town - we play on streets, ponds, rinks and backyards. In my late teens and early twenties, I made the transition from a fan to "punk bunny". During those years, I never discriminated against what position a guy played, but I've always had a greater appreciation for the goalie. My dad was a goalie. My brother was a goalie. Simply put, goalie's are crazy. And who doesn't love a little crazy in their life? Last night in the game between Switzerland and Canada, Jonis Hiller and Marty Brodeur reminded me just how insane it is to be in that position. After an intense game and 5-minute overtime, Canadians sat down (or stood up) to watch 10 hockey players move aggressively from centre ice to fire a puck directly at Hiller, then Brodeur. It was one player, one goalie, one puck and entire nation watching...every move. All for one small moment in time that could change many things in the history books. All I could think of during the shoot-out was what is going through the mind of the goalies. How they must have tremendous focus to block out all the noise and pressure around them. All in the name of making their country proud. Just another reminder that one second in time can change everything. A bit dramatic in this case? Maybe. But I'm a Canadian Cliche after all.

(Canada 3, Switzerland 2).


  1. one of my goalie friends always said that goalie's play that position because they're too lazy to skate. modest, maybe. but still totes makes me smile.

    and i agree, it feels much different hosted here. my case of olympic fever is more serious than its ever been! i stayed up until after midnight last night just to see the end of the men's figure skating! lol

    go canada go!!!!:)

  2. some play that position because they are a rare breed and never have to pay rink fees. Goalies play for free, they are so valuable. Just imagine a game without one in the net. I'm biased, your uncle also played goal.