Thursday, February 25, 2010


Recess. Do you remember it? Honestly, do you remember anything else that made you feel so good as a kid? Fifteen minutes of freedom in the middle of the morning - to skip, run, swing, tobbaggan. A moment to break free and go crazy before being civil again.

My old boss (and friend) Paul, owner of Extreme Group told me that his interactive agency brought recess back to adult life. A few minutes of unbridled insanity. A break from clients, work, stress. I loved the idea - pure, fresh and fun. I miss recess.

So, when I tried to think of the last time I felt like it was recess in my adult-life was when I captured this moment in a mere photograph.

Summer. Outdoors. Sunshine. Def Leppard. Poison. A BFF. Beer. Smiles. Stupidness.

Let's all bring back recess. Get your petition started today.

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