Tuesday, March 30, 2010

close your eyes


Technically, it's all we have.

This one moment right now.

But if you had one wish that could expand beyond this one moment and last a lifetime - what would it be? An exciting yet overwhelming thought, huh?

This past week I talked to two important people in my life (one of which was my GF, Nancy). The two separate conversations were about other people that were and are in their life. We talked about these two separate people (one young and one old) and how the two of these individuals felt about the last days of life. Both had a fear of being alone in the end.

Today, I'm surrounded by so much love. I'm very lucky that way. And, at the risk of sounding a bit morbid, if it were to end today - thankfully, I'd hardly be alone in the process. But if I live to be 102, my wish is that my friends, their families and my own family is always there by my side. More importantly, I hope my lovelies think exactly the same way my friend Nancy does about her nan. She is in the process of moving her nan into a old-folks home and when I told her she was a good woman for doing so, she replied, "That woman has done so much for my life, that I plan on making sure hers ends with the same love, joy and dignity that she's given me".

May I be as lucky in the end as both Nancy and her nan.

For you? I'd say, just close your eyes and make a wish...

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