Friday, April 16, 2010

what if God was one of us

God, does he exist? Jesus, was he real? I just want some answers - I want to believe. I'm like a 5-year old child when it comes to this topic.

I grew up Catholic, but don't necessarily practice my religion anymore. In fact, I find it interesting that many people my age no longer go to church until they have children. Why is so important to go to church then, but it's not as relevant when you're single and typically have more time.

I had a conversation last week with friends about faith and our beliefs. Someone in the group said, "I have to say, when I die if there is no Jesus then I'm going to be pissed". My thought? That has got to be on a T-shirt!

In all seriousness, I believe in a higher power. What that means, I'm not so sure. My biggest issue with "God" was further elevated this week when I watched this news clip. If someone can logically answer for me why God has worked so hard to find this missing 11-year old, but he somehow misses so many more? Why does God save some good people, but seems to forget a whole bunch of great people?

Some days, I can't help but wonder if He and Santa Clause are not-so-distant cousins.
(please God, don't hit me by a car for saying this).


  1. You should read "The Shack" it may serve to raise more questions but it answer some of the ones you have posted here. I am almost finished it.

  2. God exists within you, to the level that you choose to embrace... you understand the power of creation that exists within you.. when it is said that we were created in the image of God... we were created to create... with love. Once we stop asking questions and authentically create... we become one with God, and never doubt Gods existence again. Clearly, you are not creating love to the level that you have found God.