Wednesday, September 23, 2009

rock witcha

the month of September is almost over and I feel like the recent days of my life have been so rich with love.  My life experiences of late have really been an extension of my friends' lives.

It started back in August when Rita & Jay asked me to look after their first 'born', Tonka.  And to also take care of their home while they were in Hawaii.  That week was immediately followed by an evening of hanging with sweet Jake at my house for an eve.  Jake is my friend Leslie's beloved pooch and she was in need of immediate doggy sitting services. Diggers and I were happy to oblige.  During this entire time, I've spent every day searching for cheap flights to New Brunswick for Thanksgiving to spend it with AK and Kirst (and their sweet chitlin's and hubbies).  In the meantime, Toni is working diligently out in BC to find me a flight to Castlegar for Christmas.  And on her points, no less.  This way I get to experience Christmas again with my friends but on a different coast (last year was magical in Boutsy's Point with the Hennessey's).  Now I'm prepping to head to Kingston on Friday night to meet up with Rhonda who is there for her version of homecoming with her Queens girlies.  She's flying in from Van and I'm going to meet her little baby boy who's only weeks old.  He and I will hang in the hotel room while his mommy has an reunion night out on the town.  And finally, I can't forgot last weekend (touched on in my last blog post) - not only being asked to be Adrienne's wedding photographer, but on the eve of her wedding being called by Matt at 2:30am.  Matt is Kelly's 3 was on the way and they called (as I was on the emergency list) to watch the kids while they went to the hospital.  Being that close to the birthing 'process' of one of my closest friends was incredibly moving.

All that said, guys - I'm honoured to be your friend.  You prove that water can be just as thick as blood.

You guys rock my world.

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  1. Cheryl, years ago, a great friend of mine told me "you can't pick your family but you sure as hell can pick your friends". That has stayed with me all these years. I love my family but my friends hold a special place in my heart.