Friday, February 26, 2010

when you're this big, they'll call you Mister.

I was thinking about sending a note to my friend’s dad tonight. Although she’s one of my close friends, I’ve met her later in life and as a result, never met her dad. The reason for sending the note? Well, that part doesn't really matter. What does matter is what went through my mind as I started to draft the note, I wondered: do I address him by his first name or do I call him Mister?

I was raised to be polite, courteous, appreciative and respectful. It's still ingrained in me today. But now that I too am an adult (and also a peer of my friends' parents), do I still address 'them' with a title versus their name? Weird. So, I tried to imagine that I was the recipient of such an email. If someone called me Ms., Miss., or hell, even Mrs. - I think I'd vomit. There's no doubt that it would make me feel ancient.

I'm not sure if it is because life zips by for all of us and none of us can truly face our actual age, but all of a sudden it seems like we time warp from the two hoods - child to adult. I'm personally convinced that I'm a child locked inside an adult body (ugh, and an adult face). Most days, it is definitely difficult to play the part of a full-blown adult. That's why I relish (yes, I said relish) in all the simple pleasures of being an adult. I waited 20 years of my life to reach this point, so goddammit I'm going to enjoy it.

I get excited about staying in hotels and breaking into the mini-bar without parental permission. I love standing in front of the fridge with the door open, for more than a minute if I like - simply because I can. I'll drink out of the carton of milk - yup, no cups. I love long road trips alone in the car with my dog because I can play the music loud and it's my playlist. I love having a drink "on the rocks". I adore booking a flight and going somewhere far because I can do it all by myself or with my lovely friends. In my mind, all of these things are the small rewards for being 'grown-up'. They bring giddy-fun to my life (and believe me this is just 20% of the complete list).

So, while I am happy being this big now, just keep in mind that if you're thinking about sending me a note, please address me by my first name.

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